I'm so excited.  While processing new* books so they're ready on Monday for the first day of school, I discovered that in Alexandria's "Items" window, if you click on the Categories tab you can put a bibliography heading/title in the "Bibliography" field.  This changes EVERYTHING, man.
          I love creating and maintaining bibliographies, and I make bookmarks with them, small enough to print 3 per sheet on regular-size paper.  But that means I can only fit so many titles per list.  I have a few "expanded" lists (sci-fi, and horror), which I do a tri-fold thing for.  But that takes up a whole sheet per list.
          I really like doing unusual subject lists, like, "Recommended if you like Tim Burton," or "Read the Movie," or "Frequently Challenged and/or Banned Books," but those subjects aren't going to already be in the MARC records.
          This is why the "Bibliography" field I discovered is exciting.  For example, I was processing a copy of David Brin's The Postman, so I put "Read the Movie" in the Bibliography field.  That's a new list I'm working on, and I can tag as many books as I WANT with that heading!  And at any time I can call up a complete bibliography just by typing "Read the Movie" in a keyword search.
          Trust me, this is RAD.

*Most of them aren't really new, they're donated.  Because we have exactly $0 for a book budget.  But at least they're new to us.  And I clean them and put protective film over the covers.