ME: You always look at me like that when I’m getting ready to go out. Are you trying to make me feel guilty?

DOG: Huh? No, that’s not what this is about.

ME: Then what?

DOG: Well, what ELSE am I supposed to watch? You’re my only entertainment.

ME: What about Anthony? Go stare at him some.

DOG: He’s in the bathroom. Door shut.

ME: Sigh…

     Want me to turn the TV on for you?

DOG: You know I don’t perceive anything interesting in the flashings on that stupid box. I just… I dunno. I don’t get it.

ME: I know, I know, I’m sorry. Forget I said anything.

DOG: Huff…


ME: Hey, does my hair look weird in back?

DOG: Why do you ask me things like that?

ME: I’m sorry. I’ll go look in the mirror.

DOG: You do that.


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I designed this here T-shirt that says "YOU HAD ME AT FUCK TRUMP," except it has kittens in place of each "U," which makes it nicer. Right? You can order one HERE. They are beautiful and I'm wearing one right now.

#FuckTrump #impeachTrump #resist #notmypresident #tshirts 


     I've now completed three issues of MY LITTLE MEMOIR, a perzine about me, in which I spill all the embarrassing/weird/funny/sad secrets of my childhood and teen years. I'm listing them on Etsy as I complete them. They are all "chapters" culled from my writings during November 2017's National Novel Writing Month, or "NaNoWriMo." It's super fun, and also a little bittersweet sometimes, going through old photos, and reliving significant (to me) events.

     You can find these, plus other zines & comics & art prints, in the TOMMY KOVAC ETSY SHOP.

     "Fatty Fatboobs" parts one and two is about my first high school "girlfriend," and some really shitty stuff my friend "Abby" (real name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent) and I did to her, because we were ALL fucked up back then, being tormented by various factions, and taking it out on each other. And of course I was closeted, and terrified of anyone finding out I was gay. Also terrified of BEING gay. But there's humor in just about anything, in retrospect.

     "1975: Now We Are Four" is the first portion I wrote during NaNoWriMo, and reads the most straightforward as memoir. I don't embellish or fictionalize in that one. And I used lots of photos. Topics include: stuffed animals, the house I grew up in, my dog Happy, grandparents, an awesome avocado tree, Santa, and the Easter Bunny.

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STAR HITS : Pete Burns

     So I may have had a few issues of Star Hits in my time, during the 1980s. And I may have obsessively combed each issue for pictures of the Cure, Dead or Alive, Siouxsie, Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, etc. 

     I was out in the garage a week or so ago, and found just some of my old collection. Tucked carefully inside the front cover of the Star Hits 1987 Yearbook were the following. Behold, the Pete Burns pin-ups that used to grace the mint green walls of my teenage bedroom...

     I had these and even several full-size posters of Pete Burns on the walls, ceiling, and door of my bedroom when I was about 15 or 16, and it still came as a somewhat shocking surprise to most of my friends and family that I'm gay. Those were the '80s, though.

     NOTE: I never had a boner for Pete Burns, because he's way too feminine, and I'm gay. I just thought he was the coolest thing ever, and I wanted to BE him. I even had a black eyepatch and a Triumph belt buckle like you see in the first picture. But I never could make them work in an outfit. I knew my limitations.

NEW ZINES SERIES : "My Little Memoir"

     For November 2017's "NaNoWriMo" (National Novel Writing Month), I chose to pursue the advice we've all heard: "Write what you know."

     By the end of the month, I had 50,000 words fictionalizing my youth and teen years. I started out writing just the facts as I know them, but then drifted quickly into a more narrative style. That's when I started to really enjoy it. But it also means I can't claim it to be nonfiction. HOWEVER, I have a really good memory, and many people close to me are frequently surprised by all the shit I remember, even from way, way back. And I remember DETAILS.

     At any rate, I like what I've come up with, and thought I'd experiment with sharing some of it in the form of a perzine called My Little Memoir. There are 17 chronological chapters. But I wanted to release #12 first, because it was during this chapter in particular that I felt the "thing-ness" of this project. I'll make them available in my Etsy Store ( as I finish editing them one-by-one.


In case you missed the CRUMPET show in October, here are five new 8.5"x11" art prints available for $10 each through MY ETSY STORE. (that's a link to it, son)

CRUMPET the zine release

Half the point of the CRUMPET show was to officially release my new comics zine, "Crumpet," issue #1. The subtitle is "Variety Comics by Tommy Kovac," because basically "Crumpet" will now be my vehicle for episodic comics that are not library-related. All library-related comics go in "Smells Like Library." I like things organized (loosely) by subject.

The Hibbleton has this awesome "Bookmachine" zine library/store inside the main gallery. We moved one of the bookshelves from the Bookmachine room to the main gallery space, to be part of the CRUMPET show. I hung my "Tommy Kovac Library" sign across the top.

In case you missed the show, CRUMPET and my other zines can now be purchased through Etsy in MY SHOP.

Purple Ants in Pink Beanies

A long time ago I started this little landscape at the exact dimensions to be my Facebook cover photo. I finally decided to finish it. And there's a bonus lil' purple fairy ant wearing a pink beanie. I don't know why.

CRUMPET after the show (part two)

Here are some photos taken during the opening night, which was part of Fullerton's monthly Art Walk. Lots of fun, very cool atmosphere, and many little nooks and quirky rooms to check out with interesting pieces of art and weirdness.

CRUMPET before the show

Here are some pics from the night my husband Anthony and I hung the artwork for the CRUMPET show at the Hibbleton with owner/curator, Jesse LaTour.

CRUMPET after the show (part 1)

October 6th, 2017 was the opening night of my "CRUMPET" show at the Hibbleton in downtown Fullerton's Magoski Art Colony. My work is up through the 31st, by appointment. Here is a gallery of all the work shown.

More photos to come later...

ART : "Yardsy"

     You can have your pre-fab garden gnomes. I'd rather have some weird thing made out of junk, any day.

     So here is "Yardsy." When I was supposed to be cleaning up and consolidating stuff in our back yard, I got distracted with cinderblock and old pots, and this happened.

COMICS : "Poison"

This one is really deep, and I figure college professors will probably start calling me, asking if they can include this in their classes.

COMICS : "Buttwing & Her Lip Gloss"

Here's a little Buttwing from me to you...

COMICS : "Heenie 2017"

All of a sudden I felt like drawing Heenie again, after a looooong time.