Here are some of the displays I put up in September, with new 7th graders in mind.
          I really hope nobody thinks this first one says "FAG" at first glance.  If so, I'm hoping the happy squirrel will offset it.  Because that squirrel is DEFINITELY queer.
          The conversation is thus, in case you cannot read it:
SQUIRREL:  How many books may I check out?
LIBRARY:  You may have 3 books on loan from the library at one time.
SQUIRREL:  How long may I keep them?
LIBRARY:  Books are always due 2 weeks from when they are borrowed.
                    You may renew your books if you need more time.
SQUIRREL:  'Kay, thanks!
FAQ Squirrel
           For the circular display case I was kind of in a hurry, so the yellow construction paper and blue wrapping paper is supposed to look like sand and sky, like you're at the beach or something.  Hence the sunglasses from the Lost-And-Found.
          Oh, and I like promoting the idea of reading JUST FOR FUN, since there's so much assigned reading heaped on these poor kids.  Especially in a college prep academy.  I don't want them to forget that reading can be a leisure activity!
"What I read just for fun over summer break"
          This year our Library Book Club was granted "official" club status, although they DENIED it as a curriculum-based club.  Which is totally retarded, and I still don't understand.  For one thing because the Library is an actual department, and this club supports OUR curriculum.  For another thing, how does READING not address any other curriculum on campus?!  Lame.
          Not being a curriculum-based club means we can't raise money.  Way to go, district, for making sure the Library has as few sources of funding as possible!
Book club meeting dates
           This next one is right behind the circulation desk.  I'm quite proud of all the themed reading lists we've created, using only books from our collection.  Mystery, Romance, Humor, Define Normal (gay and other atypical families), Dystopian Fiction, etc.  I update them with new titles whenever we acquire new books that fit one of our lists.
"Need a reading suggestion???"
          I left my Summer display on the big bulletin board, just because I thought it was pretty and it wasn't quite time for Banned Books Week, yet.
"Summer... reflect, rejuvenate, & have fun!"
          We didn't have a student search station before, so I redesignated two of our student computers.  Our current circ system, "Alexandria," is web-based or something like that, so there's an actual URL for our library catalog search.  It's pretty cool, man.  I'm hoping all the huge lettering and red borders around the screen will make them notice that these computers are ONLY FOR LIBRARY CATALOG SEARCH.  Should I add, "No games, no porn?"
          Oh, and yeah those are Dewey Decimal posters on the windows.  One in English, one in Spanish.
New Student Search Station!