This morning's chaos moment practically made my head explode, I think because I'm also battling congestion and a sinus headache. 
          Here's how it was:
          During one class period a few kids came in to work on an assignment as an alternate for the sex ed lesson (parents wouldn't sign permission slip). That started out very quietly, so I thought I could get a few things done while those kids were not learning about safe sex.
          I needed our site technology guy's help with a computer program so I could meet an ordering deadline that was last Friday. He showed up and crawled back and forth under my desk working on my computer. Then we had to call the school secretary for help, and she came over. So then I had the tech guy AND the secretary both looking over my shoulder and giving me directions.  We were still having problems with the program, and I was trying every combination of username and password I had scribbled on little notes in my wallet.
          A whole class showed up with their teacher to do World War II research, and the library suddenly filled to capacity. As the computer tech and the school secretary were still at my shoulder, bossily giving me contradictory directions, the teacher started yelling questions to me about the school's databases, wanting me to address the whole class and clarify where they should look for certain info. Right at that moment I was trying to set up new security questions & answers in the computer system, and the tech and the secretary were saying, "Just focus on the security questions!" and a student walked up to the desk and asked me, "Do you have this book in the library?" showing me a slip of paper with a title written on it.
          I answered the teacher, gave the class general directions, looked up the book title for the girl at the desk, re-set all my passwords, and generated the stupid purchase order.  Now it's time for another pot of coffee.