Book Fair Peeps Bunny Contest!
     We're having a book fair in the school library. To create excitement for it, I thought it would be cool to do a contest and give out three $10 gift certificates to the book fair. We could give one out each week for the three weeks leading up to the fair.
     Seasonally speaking, we have Easter to work with, which is pretty fun. So... Peeps, right?
     Instead of an egg hunt, we're doing a Peeps Marshmallow Bunny hunt. Each week a special Peeps Bunny will be hidden somewhere in the library, and the student who finds it first wins that week's gift certificate, to be redeemed at the Book Fair at the end of the month.
Secret Silver Peep
     When I first emailed the Principal to get her approval for our contest, I forgot to mention that I'd be coating and spray-painting the Peep. So this was her first response:

Would you be willing to hide plastic colored eggs with a specially marked message inserted rather than the marshmallow bunny?  We definitely support the promotional idea!

To which I responded:

Is the marshmallow bunny a problem because it’s food and might attract bugs or something? Because I had a plan for that. I was going to paint them with sealant and then spraypaint them a different secret color each week. Does it help that they would be inedible and coated with sealant?
     It’s not that I wouldn’t be willing to do plastic colored eggs instead, but Peeps bunnies sure would be more INTERESTING, in my humble opinion.
     Plus, I wanted to use the slogan, “HOP on over to the Library Book Fair and take a PEEP at what’s new!”
     But whatever you say goes, boss. ;)

So she wrote back:
Yes, the issue was that it was a sugary food item, but sounds like you in your great wisdom thought through all of the administration's possible objections. So , Peeps it will be since you are making them inedible and using a sealant.

     I'm assuming that was the most inane conversation of her day.
     Oh- and another good reason to paint the Peep a secret color is to keep sneaky kids from trying to claim the prize with just any old Peep from the store.
     The only promotion I had a chance to do last week was to put up a bulletin board (at the beginning of this post) with a message about the contest, and to put the contest info on the "date due" slips we put in all the books that check out. But even with that minimal amount of PR, we had a bunch of kids asking about it first thing this morning. I let them all know that the secret Peep would be hidden by lunchtime, and the hunt would start then.
Where is it?
There it is! Do you see it?
     A group of very determined girls came flying into the library at lunch and hunted for about 15 minutes. We watched them pass right by the hidden Peep several times. Then finally, shortly before lunch was over, one of them spotted it, and won the first gift certificate.
     Now the other kids are jealous, but I've been assuring them that we have 2 more Peep hunts before the Book Fair.