That could probably be (MOST) instead of (SOME). But I was sort of trying to be generous. 

     I feel I have to share a conversation I just overheard here at the high school where I am the library technician. In the teacher mailroom, two of the male teachers (ones I don't recognize, so I'm guessing PE or sports or something like that) were using the copiers. They were talking loudly about the all-staff meeting we just had about lockdown procedures, presented by the Anaheim Police Department. These guys were scoffing about all the "stupid questions" other teachers kept asking about what to do in different emergency lockdown situations.

     One of them, filled with contempt for his fellow teachers, said, "THESE are the people you want to give guns to? Even if they HAD a gun in their classroom, they'd still call the police and be all, 'Oh, gosh, officer, what should I do now?'" (He effected an exaggeratedly wimpy voice for this, of course.)

     They both cackled over this, then the other one busted out with this winner:

     "Tell you what I'd do, I'd go LOOKIN' for the guy. I wouldn't wait around hiding in my room, I'd take off to FIND the shooter, whether I had a gun or not! That's just how I'm WIRED. I'd go find him, and take him DOWN."

     The other guy responded, "Me, too, man! I'm the SAME WAY. I'd go hunt the guy DOWN."

     "Yeah, man! I'm THAT guy!"

     They went back and forth, repeating variations of the same thing, trying to convince themselves or each other how macho they are, apparently. Let me reiterate, these are ADULT males. Ones with jobs "teaching" our nation's youth. 

     It was the most nauseating conversation I've heard in a long time. It was all I could do not to interrupt and say, "Excuse me, can I get your names down? I want to know for future reference, so I can see what you both REALLY do if, god forbid, something like that happened here. Because I am 100% certain the truth would be more like you both peeing your pants and crying in a corner."


     Stupid straight men.