DISTRACTING AUTHOR PHOTO : Aprilynne & her tutu

          Maybe I shouldn't be so critical, but I find it just a little pretentious for a writer with books like "Wings," "Spells," and "Illusions" (young adult magical romance series) to be wearing a tutu in her author photo on the book jacket.  A TUTU, for Christ's sake.  
          "Oh, THIS old thing?  I guess I forgot I was surrounded by tufts of gauzy fairy magic...  It's just my way."
Aprilynne Pike: "I am serene in my choice of tutu..."

          I myself have indulged in pretentious author photos, and will no doubt do so again in the future.

I don't drink, but this seemed like a funny set-up for my "Skelebunnies" author photo

This is for an upcoming convention program, with my pretentious feather pen(cil)