My mom is beautiful, kind, smart, creative, and lots of fun. This is not a biased opinion.
     My mom is totally awesome, and everyone who meets her agrees. When I was a kid, and all through my teen years, my friends envied what great parents I have. My mom and dad created the kind of safe and happy atmosphere that made everyone want to hang out there, even though they still had to follow rules and behave! They treated everyone with respect and kindness, no matter how many piercings or tattoos or whatever color their hair happened to be. If you've read the Moomintroll books by Tove Jansson, my mom and dad are totally like Moominmamma and Moominpappa. All the strange creatures of Moominvalley (the tiny & shy, the big & bold), were always warmly welcomed at Moominhouse, and asked to stay for dinner.
     My husband and I took both our awesome moms out to breakfast together for Mother's Day. Their names are both Barbara. How cute is that, right? Then Anthony and his mom (whom I love, and think is a real hoot!) went off to see a movie, and my mom and I went off to find a craft at Michael's, because we both like busying ourselves.
My mom's wee pots, which she painted with swirls and dots, and then filled with African Violets.

     We settled on painting clay pots, because that's pretty simple and we could easily talk and get distracted and it wouldn't matter. It was totally fun, especially since we used GLITTER PAINT!!! It was a beautiful Mother's Day, and couldn't have been more perfect. Very relaxing. We even spray-painted a small table. Things get DONE when my mom's around. ;)
My larger and obviously manly pot, which I painted the colors of one of those caterpillar cars you ride in on the Alice In Wonderland ride at Disneyland, and now keep some non-standard-size Copic Markers in. (To clarify: I keep the markers in the pot, not in one of the cars on the Alice In Wonderland ride.)