Founders' Park in Anaheim

     On the first Saturday of each month, there's an open house at Founders' Park, which is right behind Anaheim High School. Anthony and Mom & Aunt Wanda and I took the tour of the Mother Colony House (very rustic), and the super-beautiful Victorian Woelke-Stoffel house. I want to live in that house dammit.
     Here are some pictures...
This "surveyor's cabinet" in the Colony House is the SHIT, right? 
Look at this adorable corner shelf in the Colony House! So fancy!
Mrs. Clementine Langenberger, whose black eyes stare balefully from the wall in the Colony House.
Why does this creepy doll in the Colony House look more like a tiny lady than a baby?
In the Victorian Woelke-Stoffel House, everything is, like, WAY fancy. Look at this awesome fireplace mantel!!! 
A beautifully carved set of nesting tables, nestled in a corner. (See what I did there?)
Victorians were like, "Bitch, we'll put tassels on ANYTHING."
Victorians will not rest until there are a MILLION tassels.
David Smythe, whose portrait hangs upstairs in the Woelke-Stoffel House, and whose trailing mustaches and peculiar hair streak haunt us to this day...
This is a pretty nice fireplace and mantel, but I like the first one better. This is Plain Jane compared to it.
Ladies, would you like some fans? Why, yes, they ARE ostrich feathers.
Look at that lampshade! It's super nice, you guys. Do NOT rough-house anywhere near it.
Another beautiful piece of German wood-carving.
I just really liked this painting upstairs in the Woelke-Stoffel House.
Peacock feathers! They add Victorian finery to any room.
May I have another serving of Victorian peacock feathers? Yes, you may. Right this way, sir.
This dear little silver water pitcher tilts to facilitate pouring. So genteel!
Pictures hung with medallions and rope and yes, TASSELS.
I'll just sit here and chat for a while. And idly flick the tassels on the curtains.
Love this Victorian wallpaper!
I love THIS Victorian wallpaper, too. Everything should be covered in it. Even cars, and dumpsters.