Thursday, April 2nd, I'll be participating in this (FREE!) pre-WonderCon event at Chapman University, and selling & signing my books:
April 2, 6-8pm, Argyros Forum, room 119A
(Flyer artwork by Ross Loehman)
4/2/2015 UPDATE: Here's the final version of the Salon flyer:

Saturday, April 4th, I'll be signing from 5pm-6:30pm at booth #809 (Prism Comics).
Then at 7pm that same day I'm participating on this panel:
Fairy Dust: LGBTQ Disney FandomSaturday, April 4, 2015, 7:00p.m. – 8:00p.m., Anaheim Convention Center Room 211
Disney is popular around the world.  And Disney characters, films, comics, media and theme parks are especially popular among the LGBTQ community.  Young or old, LGBTQ folk identify with the stories, characters, the fantasy and the imagination. Since you are next door to the “Happiest Place on Earth” join Prism Comics and Disney fans as they explore why the queer community loves all things Disney. Panelists include Dusty Sage (Founder and CEO of, Tommy Kovac (SkelebunniesWonderland)Momma (Anaheim Gay Days; expert on Disney Parks and Disneyana), Jimmy Sherfy (Disney Cosplayer and Animation Enthusiast), Sarah Sterling (Disney Fandom YouTuber, Feminism and Queer Studies Specialist), Joseph Titizian (Disney Historian and Featured Blog Writer) and Barry V (Disney Cosplayer and Animation Enthusiast). Moderated by Ted Abenheim (Prism Comics Board Member).   
     It's kind of a funny topic, because LOTS of people are obsessed with Disney, not just the gays. And I do NOT love "all things Disney." I hate that goddamn Little Mermaid, I hate the "Disney Princess" cult, I find "Finding Nemo" to be a big bland yawn, Cinderella is a passive twat, and I dislike musicals in general. But I think the Prism organizers know this, and have invited me anyway. So I will politely bring my rotten little contrary attitude to the table.
     Here's some Disney I DO love: The original animated "Alice In Wonderland," the Alice In Wonderland ride, the Haunted Mansion ride, Mary Poppins, the movie "Return To Oz," "Sleeping Beauty," the Peter Pan ride, and adorable animated squirrels and bunnies.