The company who published almost all of my professionally/traditionally published comics work is Slave Labor Graphics, also known as SLG Publishing. I did a 2-page comic for their 20th Anniversary, which was a while ago. But every time I come across it again, it makes me laugh, so here:

I also did another 2-pager for an online anthology celebrating SLG's... 25th? I think. I sort of wasn't paying attention. But here it is:


          I cannot sleep tonight for some stupid reason, so I created a Halloween playlist in iTunes. Here's a link to it:

          I had to sign up for "Ping" to do it. You don't have to sign up for Ping to view the list, though. I've been avoiding Ping because the name is irritating, like a sound your car would make that signifies a problem. Plus it's yet another "social networking" thing. Ugh. But here I am using it...