I found a great shelf in an antique store that I knew would be perfect for displaying My Little Ponys. All it needed was a new paint job. The problem is there are only 18 spots, and I'll have to select the very best ones out of my collection of over 70 ponies. I have new ones, old ones from the '80s, and random ones from decades between then and now. I appreciate the newer Friendship Is Magic ponies, but I prefer the vintage 1980s originals, especially when they started getting really weird and doing carousel ponies, glitter ponies, and ponies that aren't even ponies. (camel, zebra, lion, giraffe, etc.)
Pony Competition Staging Area

     All ponies gather in a staging area on the card catalog beneath the display shelf, to await judgement.

Tier One of nervous contestants

     Some ponies, like some people, just aren't good enough. Some of them wonder, "Am I too dirty? Mane too tangled?" 
     One vintage pony notices newer ponies scoffing at her partially rubbed off cutie mark. She lowers her head, hope fading with the sunset.

Tier 2 pony contestants wonder, "Are we on the lower tier for a reason? Did we do something wrong?"
Baby Rattles: ridden hard and put away wet?
     Baby Rattles is clearly vintage, and looking the worse for wear. He (she?) is a sleepy-time pony whose eyes are supposed to close when you tip her back into sleeping position. They only partially work now, and are pink-tinged and swollen around the edges. Has she been crying?
     Buck up, Baby Rattles. Judgement Day is upon you.

(to be continued)