I have big fat sweaty Slovak hands that tend to smudge and smear when I'm drawing. I usually have a scrap of paper underneath my hand to prevent that, but it occurred to me that I could use a fingerless glove instead, so I'm not always looking for scraps of paper or whatever. I'll probably have to wash the glove sometimes, but I think this is nicer.
     I blurred the piece I'm working on because it's for an upcoming Haunted Mansion-themed group art show at Bats Day in the Park Black Market, and we're not supposed to reveal any of our artwork until the show. Which is Saturday, May 17th, 2014.
     ALSO GLOVE-RELATED: I have to wear a napping glove to keep me from picking at some truly gross hangnails while I'm napping. I can't stop picking and prodding at them! One is totally sore and I'll probably have to just cut that finger off if I can't stop mashing at it. I'd wear the glove during the day, too, but it would prompt too many questions, and possibly lead to a Michael Jackson comparison, which I do not want.
     The napping glove looks like this:

     I also have a pair of skeleton gloves like this:

     -But the "bones" are 3D plastic or whatever, which makes them really awkward for anything other than a costume. If you're in the dark, though, they look pretty realistic and spooky, and it's fun to suddenly reach out with them and make somebody pee their pants. (probably myself)