IN THE DREAMHOUSE: Deathrock Buffalo

          Anthony and I went to see "Paranormal Activity 2" last night, and it was fun and thrilling like a rickety carnival "Scary Ride."  I had really weird dreams, but I don't know if they had anything to do with the movie.  Not obviously, at least.
          I dreamed I was in an art class and we were assigned to make wearable T-shirt designs.  Part of the direction was that it had to be something we ourselves would actually wear.  People were making all these awesome designs, but they turned into more than just drawings, they were like collages and sculptures with all sorts of mixed media.  One student was making a highly-detailed Alice In Wonderland design based on John Tenniel's illustrations.  It was a fun arty classroom, the students all chatting happily, but the desks were so close together you had to actually crawl over them to get to yours.
          I drew a highly-detailed deathrock buffalo with two sets of really wicked horns.  It made perfect sense in the dream.
          Anthony and Matt were there, and during a break we went over to this place next door that was selling refreshments.  I got a weird ticket for coffee, but somebody else grabbed my coffee.  I was really pissed, and showed the vendor my ticket.  She said she needed to see the debit card that was used for the purchase in order to give me my coffee, but Anthony had paid for it, and he was back in class.  (Which, by the way, had turned into a movie theater.)  I was ENRAGED, and demanded my coffee and caused a big scene.  There were other students in line watching, people I'd gone to high school with.  I overheard one of them say to Matt, "Boy, I don't remember him being like that back in high school..."
          Eventually I had to crawl under a chain link fence (still part of the same environment), and was in this rad field that was an obstacle course of giant furry muppet-like creatures.  All different colors and shapes, with giant google eyes and raggy yarn hair.  They were all bobbing around, and gravity seemed to be mostly absent in the field, so I ended up bouncing off of one giant creature to the next, on my way through the course.
          On the other side of the giant Muppet obstacle course was a rocky lagoon, cloaked in mist.  I was swimming for an outcropping, and dragging myself up the ledge to get out of the water when a half-man/half-seamonster rose out of the water to attack me.  He was NOT sexy or anything.  He was green and slimy, with claws and spines and scales.  Somehow in the dream I knew that if he bit me, I'd turn into a monster like him.  I groped and kicked my way up the rocky ledge, with him right at my heels, sharp teeth snapping.  I just barely made it onto a small platform of rock, like a shallow bowl of water that I could slide safely into.  As threatening as the monster was, the color of the water itself was this amazingly beautiful sparkling green-blue.
          Toward the end of my dreams I was in a slightly-off version of our condo, with another element of obstacles.  I don't remember what they were, but I had to be very careful to step OVER them.  Anthony and Esther were curled up cozily on a small divan.  When I went over to sit next to them, Anthony teased me that he and the dog had just gotten comfortable and there wasn't ROOM for me.  But he was just teasing, and scooted Esther over slightly, to make room for me.  I think my dreams ended there.