I had totally forgotten to mention this to anyone, but last weekend at APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco, one my fans said a very cool thing to me. 
          I was a Special Guest, courtesy of SLG, and the other Special Guests were Lynda Barry, Dan Clowes, Tony Millionaire, and some other notable creators.  I felt honored to be amongst such good company.
          A girl came up to me while I was sitting at the SLG table signing my books, and said she was so excited to see my name in the list of Special Guests.  She had been looking through the other names and didn't recognize ANY of them, until she got to mine, and said, "Oh!  Tommy Kovac!  I know who HE is!"
          This is flattering because some of those "other names" are WAY bigger art stars than I am.  But I guess it depends on your point of view, and what you're into.  Anyway, that was very cool, and I thanked her, and told her she should check out Tony Millionaire's work, because if she likes my stuff she might like his, too.