The nice folks at the Hibbleton Art Gallery in Fullerton have asked me to participate in a group art show in June 2018 commemorating their 20th anniversary. (I think. If I remember correctly. I should double-check, but I'm tired of sitting at this computer, so I'm making this short, sweet, and possibly slightly incorrect)

     They asked if I'd be willing to contribute a few pieces of artwork to the show, so this is one of them. Just about finished with it. This is the digital version, of course, the original is way better cuz of all the linework. But here's a preview:

Autumn In the Devils Garden COLORTEST lighter.jpg

CRUMPET after the show (part two)

Here are some photos taken during the opening night, which was part of Fullerton's monthly Art Walk. Lots of fun, very cool atmosphere, and many little nooks and quirky rooms to check out with interesting pieces of art and weirdness.

CRUMPET before the show

Here are some pics from the night my husband Anthony and I hung the artwork for the CRUMPET show at the Hibbleton with owner/curator, Jesse LaTour.

CRUMPET after the show (part 1)

October 6th, 2017 was the opening night of my "CRUMPET" show at the Hibbleton in downtown Fullerton's Magoski Art Colony. My work is up through the 31st, by appointment. Here is a gallery of all the work shown.

More photos to come later...