Purple Ants in Pink Beanies

A long time ago I started this little landscape at the exact dimensions to be my Facebook cover photo. I finally decided to finish it. And there's a bonus lil' purple fairy ant wearing a pink beanie. I don't know why.

ART : "Yardsy"

     You can have your pre-fab garden gnomes. I'd rather have some weird thing made out of junk, any day.

     So here is "Yardsy." When I was supposed to be cleaning up and consolidating stuff in our back yard, I got distracted with cinderblock and old pots, and this happened.

Summer Vacation Art

     So I just thought I'd share some of the art pieces I've done since I've been on vacation this summer. I go back to work on July 18th. But I'm trying not to think too much about that. I love my job in the high school library, but there will be some hefty challenges as soon as we all get back. New library management software system (Atriuum), new textbooks to process, Registration to prepare for, etc. So for now, ART!

     We've also been doing stuff like having hardwood veneer flooring installed in our living room and hallway, and two new ceiling fans, and planting new stuff in the back yard. And on the 4th of July we set off a shit-load of legal fireworks in front of our driveway, alongside our cul-de-sac neighbors who were setting off clearly ILLEGAL giant scary fireworks. It was thrilling!


     My Aunt Wanda gave me a sewing machine for Christmas, because I've mentioned several times how I think it would be fun to have one, and be able to create weird things with it. So I created a weird thing yesterday and this morning. His name is Satan. Not as in the One and Only Satan, his name just happens to be that, too. Like how plenty of guys are named Jesus, but it doesn't mean they're all the Son of God.     

Satan from the front. He's furry and black, with ribbon arms.

Closeup. (You can never go wrong with rick-rack.)

And what's this fabulousness on his backside?
Green leopard print fuck yeah!