ORIGINAL ART : "The Curse of Lopez"

"The Curse of Lopez"
by Tommy Kovac
Ink on illustration board
     I'm experimenting with "illustration board," which is very thick and sturdy, and therefor seems more like a real piece of "art" when you're done with it. I used my regular ZIG markers and Sakura fine liners on this. I'm practicing for a commission piece I'll be doing soon, thinking I'll use illustration board for it. Now that I've inked this, I'm going to try watercolor over it, and see how it looks. If it gets ruined, well... Then I'll know not to try that again.

ORIGINAL ART : Mask Quartet

     I ordered some "Sakura" pens, per the recommendation of an artistically talented student I work with, and for some reason the first thing I was inspired to draw with them were some vaguely Polynesian tribal masks.
     I looked at nothing for reference, so they probably don't really look Polynesian at all.
     I love the way these pens feel, though. Nice fine line, no bleeding, solid black pigment archival quality ink. :)